All-Around Gymnastics Academy
6056 Pinecone Dr., Mentor, OH

Progressive / Recreational Classes

Our progressive classes range from beginner to advanced gymnastics. Classes are offered Monday-Saturday. We run 12 week sessions throughout the school year and two 5 week sessions in the Summer. It is our goal to advance gymnasts from beginners to one day join our competitive team. Whatever your child's ability or gymnastics goal is we have a class fit for you! 

Ages 6-8 yrs.

Flares - 1 hour/week 

This class introduces beginner gymnasts to the basics of gymnastics on all four events (Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor). Your young gymnasts will learn skills such as handstand and cartwheels on floor, pullovers on bars, jumps on beam and get out that extra energy running and jumping on vault. Once your gymnast has attained the required core skills they will be invited to our Blasters class. In the Fall-Spring sessions gymnasts are "scored" on their skills. Skill evaluations can be viewed approximately halfway through the session through your customer portal. 

Ages 6-9 Yrs.

Blasters - 1.5 hours/week

This is an inviation only class. An intermeidate level class for younger students. This class focuses on perfecting current skills and learning new skills. The goal of this class is to move to Pre Team. Your gymnast will be further challenged in their gymnasts with new skills and more strength training. Blasters must attend a minimum of 5 weeks in the summer. Students typically remain in Blasters for a year, sometimes longer. Once the required skills are attained they will be invited to Pre Team. Invitations to Pre Team are only given moving into the Spring session. 

Ages 9 yrs. and up

Bronze - 1.5 hours/week

Formarlly called Rockets. Beginner to intermediate class for those gymnasts ages 9 and up. This class starts with the basics and works up to competitive level skills. Instructors work to tailor this class to the abilities and goals of the students enrolled. All skills worked on in this class are needed to move onto our Xcel team.