Preschool Classes

All of our preschool classes are based on age and not ability. Our preschoolers always do a floor circuit and either a circuit on beam or bars. We teach beginner gymnastics such as forward and backward rolls, cartwheels and handstands. Preschoolers will learn how to hold themselves up on the bars, swing and gain strength. On beam, they will learn different walks, balances, jumps and start working rolls and handstands. We always try to tailor our preschool classes based on the age and ability of the young gymnasts enrolled. Some of our preschool classes can look very advanced, but we're always having FUN!

Classes are offered year round. Preschool classes are offered Monday-Thursday and Saturday. Please refer to the Class Offerings page or check out the schedule to see specific days and times for each class. Sessions are 12 weeks long during the school year and we offer two 5 week sessions in the Summer.


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Parent & Tot Class - 45 min./week

Ages 18 Mo.-3Yrs.

This is a Parent/Child class. Parents are present to help the little ones learn taking turns, standing in line and give encouragement. We focus on very basic gymnastics skills and motor development. We incorporate a lot of balance and strength building exercises. It's a great time to play with your child!

3 year old Class - 45 min./week

Boys & Girls. Must be potty trained and 3 by session start date.

We work on basic gymnastics skills along with balance and strength exercises. Little Lightning students love showing Mommy & Daddy what they can do!

4 & 5 year old Class - 60 min./week

Boys & Girls.

Starting in Winter 2018-2019 5 1/2 yr. olds who are enrolled in Kindergarten may register for the 5 1/2 - 8 yr. old Recreational or Pre-Competitive Classes in our Progressive Program.

Our 4 & 5 yr old class focuses on perfecting the basic gymnastics skills. Students will start working skills on the floor instead of on training shapes, and do more and more on their own. Your preschooler will love turning themselves upside down in this class! Along with skills we work on balance and strength.

Mini Ninja Class - 30 min./week

Boys & Girls ages 4-6

This class is a mixture of Parkour, Tumbling & Martial Arts for your little one. We also offer a Warriors class for boys ages 7-11. See the Progressive Class page for details

Mini Bronze Team - 90 min./2x week

Invitation Only.

This is a beginner level competitive program for girls ages 5-7. These little ones will compete Xcel Bronze to get a sample of what competition is all about! Once this level is completed girls will be invited onto our competitive team! This is an invitation only program. Try outs are held late February-early March. If you have an interest in this program for your little one please speak with your current instructor or email

Registration for Winter 2018-2019 Ongoing

Winter Session November 13, 2018-February 23, 2019

Gym Closed November 20-24 and December 24-January 5

**All Registration and Class Fees are non-refundable**

You may make up up to two missed classes as long as you are currently attending a paid session. Please call to schedule any makeups to make sure there is availability.