USAG team members are required to travel to all meets they are invited to and train 9-17 hours a week depending on their Level. The USAG Team is a full Year commitment for athletes Levels 3-10. Parents must also participate in the AAGA Boosters club to provide fundraising for gymnasts’ meet fees.

USAG Team Members Train:

Level 3 9 hours/week 3 days/3 hours
Level 4 9 hours/week 3 days/3 hours
Level 5 12 hours/week 4 days/3 hours or 12 hours/week 4 Days/3 Hours
Level 7-10 15-17 hours/week 3 days/4 hours and 1 day/3 hours
Level 9-10 1 extra day 2 hours
*Costs are based on the Level and number of hours an athlete trains* 

Accelerated: AAGA also offers an accelerated gymnastics program. Five and six year olds are specially selected to work with Tom and Melissa in a fast track and intense program to our competitive team. This group focuses strongly on strength, flexibility, and strong core skills. These little girls are tough! Many of our previous level 9 & 10 gymnasts have gone through a similar program.

USAG Team News

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    Our team is training hard get ready for competition to begin in December!  You can find out about our practices, meets and latest USAG Team news by subscribing to our […]

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AAGA Boosters

The All Around Gymnastics Academy (AAGA) Boosters Club provides funding and encouragement for the All Around Gymnastics competitive gymnasts at all levels.

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