Preschool Classes

All of our preschool classes are based on age. Our preschoolers do circuits on floor, bars and beam. We teach beginner gymnastics such as forward and backward rolls, cartwheels and handstands. Preschoolers will learn how to hold themselves up on the bars, swing and gain strength. On beam, they will learn different walks, balances, jumps and start working rolls and handstands. We're always having FUN!

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Class Descriptions

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Parent & Tot Class - 45 min./week

Girls & Boys. Ages 18 Mo.-3Yrs.

This is a Parent/Child class. Parents are present to help the little ones learn taking turns, standing in line, and give encouragement. We focus on very basic gymnastics skills and motor development. We incorporate a lot of balance and strength building exercises. It's a great time to play with your child! Students must be 18 months by the start date. Only one parent per child allowed on the floor.

3 year old Class - 45 min./week

Girls & Boys.

These little ones will start to explore what they can do on their own! We focus on beginner gymnastics skills, strength, and balance. We also focus on learning to take turns and following directions. Students must be potty trained and 3 by start date.

4 & 5 year old Class - 60 min./week

Girls & Boys

Now that your little one has become a "big kid" they will be doing more skills on their own and really start to learn basic gymnastics skills! Your preschooler will love turning themselves upside down in this class! Along with skills we work on balance and strength.

2022-2023 Annual Classes

August 29 - May 27

2022-2023 Annual Classes Registration is ongoing.

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